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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Blooming Barrels

Becca behind the mountain
The Sunset Side of Tortugas Mountain was absolutely jam-packed this morning--perhaps owing to the fact that this is "moving-in day" at New Mexico State University--so Becca and I went around to the Monte Vista area of the mountain.  There were four vehicles in the parking lot, but we encountered only one person, a mountain biker, on the east side.  Our explorations led me to find several more Barrel Cacti in bloom, and I was able to get some nice images of the flowers, along with a bonus bee.  Although, unlike yesterday, it was sunny this morning, the temperature was significantly cooler, and the Beckster and I were able to get in a normal trek.


Break time

This behavior prompted by a mountain biker with radio blaring

Little yucca forest

Galaxies colliding

Further away from Tortugas

Trekking through an isolated section of desert

Almost back to the outer loop road

Inside a deep, narrow arroyo

Deep, rugged arroyo southwest of Tortugas Mountain

Quite a few Barrel Cacti were in bloom

This pollinator showed up while I photographed this blossom

It was quite cooperative

I believe it's Diadasia, aka "Cactus Bee"

Same bee

Talk about immersing yourself in your work

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I really like the gorgeous photos of the barrel cactus flowers and the cactus bee. (Never knew there was such a creature as a cactus bee.)

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