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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hump Day Dump Day

Blackfoot Daisies
It actually felt a lot cooler when Becca and I were out on our morning trek today:  66F with a slight breeze.  Conditions remained fairly good until the end of the hike when the sun won the battle against overcast sky and began to shine down with force.  Fortunately we were wrapping our outing up by then.  There were quite a few outdoor enthusiasts when we first arrived, but far fewer around when we finished our explorations.  Both Becca and I had a good time on an almost-regular-length journey.
Over at the line workers grounds

Cow's Tongue

Twinleaf Senna and Velvety Nerisyrenia growing together

Ms. Exploration

A young Say's Phoebe

Becca about to go on break in an arroyo

Break time

Desert Unicorn Plant (Proboscidea althaeifolia), aka "Devil's Claw"

Yet another break?


Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Franklin Mountains near El Paso in the distance

Black-tailed Jackrabbit (aka "American Desert Hare")

All the better to hare you with

Becca headed back on the new trail

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I don't know how the Desert Unicorn plant got its name, but I like it.

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