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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Desert Marigold coming to life
Because a high overcast kept the temperature down this morning when Becca and I started our trek on the west side of Tortugas Mountain I thought it was safe to extend the hike further than in recent days.  It was a mistake.  About one-third of the way in the clouds thinned out and old Sol began to beat down on us.  Unfortunately I had chosen a route that negated any possibility of taking a shortcut, and we had to suffer through a prolonged slog.  As usual we took plenty of shade and water breaks, but I found myself worrying about Becca's well-being more than usual.  After she got home, had several cool quaffs of water, and then lay down on the chilled tiles in the kitchen she recovered pretty quickly--so much so she was eager to accompany me on her afternoon drive.
Monitoring activity on the mountain road

This and the next:  premature sign of autumn in the desert

Ocotillo leaves changing color

This and the next two:  Whitethorn Acacia

2 B&W shots of the outer loop road, one with sun . . .

. . . and one without

A very hot Becca

This old-timer Ocotillo has more leaves on it this season than in the past

Same old-timer

Old-timer otra vez

Pack and Becca

Funky contrails

Can't stop snapping pics of Barrel Cacti

Satellite view

Red buds on a Barrel Cactus

I watched these two waging war at the Red Yucca

Waiting for the other

I'm almost certain it's a female/immature Rufous Hummingbird

Female/immature Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus)

Never captured a hummer at this angle before

Not a great shot, but interesting pose

Short break

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Those are amazing photos of the hummingbird, Packrat. Some of your best.

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