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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Rainy and Cooler

Different kinds of power
This morning was the kind of morning I expected yesterday; we got rain during the night and it was heavily overcast in the morning.  The cloudy conditions lasted, but, after yesterday's hiking fiasco, I decided not to push the issue of going further.  Besides, Becca didn't seem completely into our outing today.  So we did a moderately long trek, returning home at about 9:15.  We saw quite a few other hikers, bikers and runners out there, owing, no doubt, to the cooler weather.
Very tiny flower

Many photos of a muted sun this morning

Speed it up, will you?


West side of the mountain

Ocotillo sun

Whitethorn Acacia beans

Long view across the desert to the Organ Mountains

Bicolor Fanmustard (Velvety nerisyrenia)

Sun over Tortugas Mountain

A type of sage?

Utility road

Climbing Milkweed

Climbing Milkweed


Lousy photo of a Pyrrhuloxia

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I really like the photos of the sun rising over the yucca (at least it looked like it was rising).

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