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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Ho Ho Hike

Ocotillo and distant Torrey Yucca
Becca and I got a bit later start this morning due to Christmas-related activities; afterward we did a short hike west of Tortugas Mountain.  Not surprisingly there weren't many other outdoor enthusiasts on or about the area.  There were more than I expected, though, the parking lot at the Sunset side sporting four or five vehicles when we finished with our trek.  Becca was eager to get back home to discover if there were any more pieces of turkey bacon or pancakes she might get to sample.  Sadly, those are the kind of treats reserved only for breakfasts on very special occasions.
I inadvertently photographed a hiker on that distant ridge

Becca enjoying a Christmas morning trek

Christmas weather

Seeing if anybody else is about

Franklin Mountains in far West Texas

Silly Soaptree

In a sandy area

Little Soaptree Yucca forest

Picacho Peak in the distance

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I like all of the different colors of the sky and clouds in the photo of the Franklin Mountains to the south.

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