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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Wind/No Wind

Early morning moon
When Dr. K, Becca and I stepped out of the house this morning the wind was quite stiff, making us wonder which hike we might do that would minimize the gusts.  It seemed that no matter our destination we were going to be battered, so we were pleasantly surprised when we stated our trek on the Sierra Vista Trail south and discovered a windless morning there.  In fact, the wind never rose to more than a slight breeze, and with the abundant sunshine we enjoyed a long hike that lasted nearly ninety minutes.  The only person we encountered was a runner who was so preoccupied listening to music that he was startled when he realized we were standing at the side of the trail waiting for him to pass.
From the Sierra Vista Trail south

A happy hiker

Huge Sotol

Say's Phoebe

Looking south at Bishop Cap (peak at right)

Pause in the progress down the trail

Power to the mountain

Three Barrel Cacti

Leafless Ocotillo

No signs of critters this morning

Sotol stalks

Same Sotol stalks

We estimated this patch of Prickly Pear at 7 by 7 feet

A massive Prickly Pear patch

Heading back

When they say the Organ Mountains are rugged . . .

. . . they are rugged

Jet and the Organs

Getting closer

Tortugas Mountain

A look back at Bishop Cap

Homes up near Soledad Canyon

Soledad Rocks and Organ Mountains behind

Soledad Rocks and the Organs


Of this . . .

. . . this . . .

. . . and this, I like this one best

Getting near the trailhead

Nice sky

Ever closer

Soledad Rocks in front, Organ Mountains behind

Sotol and Ocotillo

Ever closer

Almost there

Whitey waiting in the parking lot

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

That patch of prickly pear was impressively large, and as far as I could tell it hadn't been nibbled on by desert critters.

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