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Friday, December 28, 2018

Rain and Snow

Very wet conditions this morning
It was raining lightly when Becca and I headed out to Tortugas Mountain for an abbreviated morning hike.  By the time we got there some snowflakes were falling gently with the rain.  We really lucked out, though, as the precipitation stopped about a quarter way through our trek.  There were a few vehicles in the Sunset Area parking lot, but we didn't see anybody until we returned to Whitey, the CR-V.  Two women who had parked their Buick SUV right in front of us were just setting off on a hike.  After one of the women and I greeted each other, she looked down at Becca and said, "Aren't you the cutest thing?"  Becca ignored her.
Despite the weather Becca had to have her hike

Clouds blanketing the Robledo Mountains

Becca on a wet dirt road

A back way into Las Cruces

Tortugas Mountain

Yuccas and a distant view of Las Cruces

Torrey Yucca and the city

Different perspective

Huge arroyo west of the mountain

A bit closer look at the arroyo

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I'm glad you and Becca got lucky and were able to get a hike in. It's been a gloomy, cold, and wet day.

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