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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Short Hike, Long Walk

The dense fog bank we had to drive through to get up here
Dr. K, Becca and I got an early start on a very short trek on the Sierra Vista Trail (south) this morning, spending a total of about 30 minutes out there.  We did a good bit of standing and waiting while Becca sniffed around in a few different locations.  She's still not recovered enough from her recent surgery to do anything more strenuous.  After we got home I felt as if I needed to get some decent exercise so I drove to the parking area south of the New Mexico State University golf course, left the Jeep at the western gate on Geothermal Road and walked briskly east toward Tortugas Mountain, stopping at the intersection with the road to the mountaintop.  That took 32 minutes--including a few stops for photos.  Then I turned around and headed back, stopping for more photos along the way.  My entire walk lasted just over an hour.  I only saw four people during my outing, and only interacted with one--a young woman running with her all-black Great Dane puppy.  I said to her, "You've got a real beaut there."  And she said, "He's excited to see you."  As they easily outdistanced me I had a good laugh watching her dog bound up the road, thinking he looked like a pony frolicking in the desert.
Fog all the way down to Bishop Cap

Organ Mountains from the Sierra Vista Trail

Becca and Dr. K

A long view south

Becca heading down the trail

What do you mean "wait"?

Looking back at the way we just came

Sotols and an Ocotillo alongside the trail

Charmless photo

Organ Mountains backdrop

Homes in Talavera, fog and Tortugas Mountain

Alert!  Some runners approaching from behind us

"Poster Edges" filter applied on this image

On our way back to the trailhead

Last look at Soledad Rocks and the Organ Mountains

A look at Tortugas and the Organ Mountains from Geothermal Road

Observatory atop Tortugas (aka "A") Mountain

Fog at the base of the Organs

A bit closer look

A different yucca

Closeup of the Soaptree Yucca

The rolling desert between here and Tortugas Mountain

Closer look at the rolling desert


Huge, old Torrey Yucca

Utility road up the west side of the mountain

Which 1 for 2?

Organ Mountains shrouded in clouds

Another view of the Organs in clouds

Looking west down Geothermal Road

Doña Ana Mountains

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Dr. K said...

I like the photos of the early morning fog at the base of the Organ and Tortugas mountains.

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