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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Another Cold and Windy Morn

Willow and Frio
Freezing (32F) when we started hiking this morning, with a wind chill of 26F.  Fortunately there was abundant sunshine, but it felt damned cold out there when we began our trek.

By the time we got down to Tellbrook Arroyo the bite of the wind wasn't quite as sharp as yesterday, so we decided to hike all the way up to First Arroyo where we took a short break for water.

While we were headed north on LDR we saw a man and woman hiking with two dogs on the southernmost east/west dirt road, but they were too distant to worry about any kind of encounter.  They were the only outdoor enthusiasts we spotted during our morning peregrination in the northern Chihuahuan Desert.

This and the next 4:  same Soaptree Yucca in First Arroyo

Tortugas and the Organ Mountains

Frio and Willow

Soaptree Yucca and the mountains

Organ Mountains otra vez


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

I really like the 5th photo that you posted here of several yuccas. Excellent composition.

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