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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Again With the Wind

Frio, Willow and Dr. K
Flat out windy when Willow, Frio, Dr. K and I set off on our morning trek.  It didn't get any better during the entire outing.  The conditions weren't bad, though, but definitely a bit chilly--quite a change from the usual heat.

We did our normal hike today, making countless stops in the shade even though it wasn't hot; Willow has a penchant for lying in shadow despite the cool weather.

After the exploration we all piled into the CR-V and went for a drive around several different neighborhoods; it's always interesting to see other people's houses and the particular landscaping residents have done to enhance their domiciles.

Little mesquite

Looking northwest

Clouds over the mountains

View from Middle Branch Arroyo

Yucca shadow

Frio, Willow and Dr. K

Isn't this rock really cool?

Deadwood bat?

Heading up the right branch

Near the source of right branch

This & next:  Prickly Pear flower

Dr. K exiting Right Branch Arroyo


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Excellent photos of the lovely Prickly Pear flowers. I wish more of them were blooming right now.

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