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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Hawk and Sprinkles

Slightly wet Swainson's Hawk
Took Frio and Willow out by myself this morning, and we got spat upon early.  I was a bit worried that my photos of the Swainson's Hawk might be marred by raindrop spots on the camera lens, but they came out OK.

We did our normal hike today, and we did see Mr. White Hat and his dog early on trekking west down the Tellbrook Arroyo.  They were far enough away, though, that neither Heeler got overly exercised about their presence.

Good time was had by all on the Tuesday trek.

Slightly wet Swainson's Hawk's butt

Ocotillo, Soaptree Yucca and Organ Mountains

Raindrops on mesquite leaves

Clouds with patches of blue sky

Frio and Willow headed up Left Branch Arroyo

Cactus Wren in yucca crown

North toward Tortugas

A bit more blue sky

Organ Mountains

Ocotillos on the hill west of the right branch

Willow and Frio exiting Right Branch up the hill


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Excellent photos of the Swainsen's Hawk, especially the first one. A majestic-looking bird.

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