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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Hawk Again

Somebody's been sampling the Barrel Cactus fruit
I took Willow and Frio out by myself this morning while Dr. K did some shopping.  We did our normal route under somewhat unpleasant weather conditions.  It was cloudy and overcast the entire time, and I never took my gloves off except to treat the Heelers, which I did often.

They were very well behaved today, pretty much staying close to me--either just ahead or behind--the entire way.  This colder weather has made them a bit spunkier, but they controlled themselves admirably.

Drove over to our local Circle K on the way home to gas up the CR-V.

Completely different mood in the desert this morning

Hill west of the cloud-blanketed Organ Mountains

The same Red-tailed Hawk I mistook for a Swainson's recently

Frio and Willow resting up

Crossing from the left to the middle branch

Not making much progress

Ridge west of the Organs

Stripe of sunlight on Picacho


1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Gorgeous photos of the sky, mountains, and desert floor. I especially like the image of the sunlight on Picacho Peak.

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