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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A Surprisingly Cold Wind

Westward across the Mesilla Valley
Dr. K went shopping this morning so it was the "O"s and me for the daily trek.  I made the mistake of not bringing my earband nor gloves today, and I paid the price; it was quite cold 38F with a strong wind.

The Basset Hounds had been down LDR-A just ahead of us, and Willow was almost wild smelling their scent.  She calmed down by the time we reached the left branch arroyo, and when we entered the middle branch I felt comfortable enough with her behavior to let both of the Heelers off lead.

Frio and Willow followed me obediently as I bushwhacked over to photograph a flowering yucca, and, later, down the arroyo further west of the middle branch.  They also stuck right behind me when we ascended the right branch, stopping twice for short treat breaks.  They were very good the rest of the way.

Mormon Tea (left) and Yucca elata

This & next:  purplish Prickly Pear

This & next:  tres cabezas son mejor que una

The "O"s

This & next 3:  blossoming yucca

Soaptree with dead tree

Last 3:  Scott's Oriole


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Dr. K said...

Beautiful close-up photos of the Yucca blossoms.

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