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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Beyond the Ocotillos, the Franklin Mountains near El Paso
It was 20 degrees F. when the Beckster and I headed out this morning for a hike around Tortugas Mountain.  We ran into two joggers, both of whom seemed underdressed for the cold weather.  The air at the base of several mountain ranges seemed hazy, probably the result of a temperature inversion.  Though the sun shone brightly during our entire trek, I wasn't even tempted to take my gloves off.  The only good thing to report:  there was no wind--not even a breeze.
Barely visible through the haze:  the Sierra Juarenses, Juarez, Mexico

Floppy Ear

An underdressed jogger in the Tortugas Mountain foothills


Dr. K said...

A hike with Becca is a great way to start the New Year.

Scott said...

I used to run faithfully until my right knee gave out in 2003 (geez...ten years ago now!). Non-runners often thought that I was "under-dressed" when I ran on cold days, but non-runners don't understand how much heat a runner generates. Nonetheless, when it got down to 20 degrees as you experienced this morning, I would wear athletic stretch leggins and at least a long-sleeved t-shirt, if not a sweatshirt. Even to a veteran like me, the runner in your image looks under-dressed! Brrr!

packrat said...

I ran for years, too, Scott, and I know what you mean about generating body heat. During most winter days I can wear shorts because my legs never get cold as long as my trunk is warm. On days that are particularly humid, both my knees get a little gimpy. I keep moving, though.

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