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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Hike

Not far from the midway point
Our best bet this morning was to hike the Grand View Trail again since the trailhead is just a few miles away.  Nevertheless, the getting there had its treacherous moments.  Many of the winding mountain roads are covered in layers of ice the sun has yet to reach.  The main road up and down the mountain (Route 82) was clear, and after our hike we drove down to Stone Canyon to pick up some supplies at the general store there.  I bought a six-pack of Happy Camper IPA, a tangy little beverage put out by the Santa Fe Brewing Company.  That will be our Christmas spirit for the next few days.
From the inside of the New Mexico Rails-to-Trails ramada

Looking down canyon toward White Sands

Extra snowy section

Our handiwork

Mini-Me Frosty

Becca checking out our awesome creation

Marlboro Country

A young pine towers over little Frosty


Dr. K said...

A peaceful way to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Scott said...

Another set of beautiful images, Mr. Mini-Me Frosty! Truly Marlboro Country.

Kali and I took a mid-afternoon Christmas Eve walk along "my" creek in the city park further downstream. The day was partly-sunny/slightly overcast, but the woods were sere compared to your high county conifers.

Merry Christmas!

packrat said...

Merry Christmas, Scott! I hope you and Kali have a joyous new year.

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