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Monday, December 23, 2013

Sacramento Mountains Fun

Starting off on the Grand View Trail
We finally won our bout with cabin fever by getting out of here to do a short hike on the Grand View Trail.  It was great to stretch our legs and get some aerobic exercise.  Becca had so much pent-up energy we could almost not control her enthusiasm to forge ahead.  After our hike we drove up to Cloudcroft to dump garbage, buy some bottled water and pastries before returning home.  I'm sure glad the Jeep Commander has a feature called "Hill Descent," which gently cradled us down the steep icy and snowy section of our driveway.
On the horizon:  White Sands National Monument

The snowy way

A good track for cross-country skiing

Looking at still higher elevations

Snow dog

Hiking through a snowy canyon

Nature's Christmas tree

Almost done hiking


Dr. K said...

The snowy mountains and blue skies were beautiful.

Scott said...

Look at those skies! Have a great Christmas day, Packrat and Dr. K!

packrat said...

The same to you and Kali, Scott. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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