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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Grey to Blue

Remnants of snow on the Organ Mountains
Dr. K, Becca and I did a moderate hike on the eastern outskirts of Tortoise Mountain this morning.  I'm still feeling pretty much like crap after coughing my lungs up through most of the night in a totally nonproductive fashion.  It was a little chilly when we started off--due to the overcast and a stiff wind--but things warmed considerably when the sun made an appearance and the wind died.  Speaking of dead, the "Four Sisters" pictured here (no doubt clones of a single Barrel Cactus) have long been featured in my blog.  Now, unfortunately, they've gone to Barrel Cactus Heaven.
Becca spots something upslope

Blue infiltrating the primarily grey skies

Becca knew about the three women joggers way before we did

Death knell for the Four Sisters

Steep hill ahead

Sun highlights Tortugas Mountain's south face

Leader of the pack is a speck at the near center of this image

Heading back toward Tortoise Mountain

Part of the Rocky Mountains chain:  the Organs


Dr. K said...

Nice to see the sun on a chilly desert morning.

Scott said...

I'm glad I can't catch your cold over the computer, Packrat! Kali's suffering with one, too, but yours sounds worse than hers, which is pretty mild.

packrat said...

Dr. K's has lasted about two weeks, Scott, and she's still struggling to shake it.

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