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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wild Dogs

Chilly start
Becca and I linked up with JC and Shaque on our way back and extended our hike with them.  When we hit the road leading to the mountaintop a small dog named Thor showed up to play, despite being called repeatedly by his woman guardian.  After she finally came to collect Thor, old Shaque (all 15 years 8 months of him) took a poop then went on a spirited run almost all the way to the ramada at the Sunset Parking lot.  JC and I were amazed.  Even Becca couldn't believe Shaque still had that much energy in him.
Headed down to the lower desert

Sunny, but still cold

Looking toward Tortugas and the Organs from an arroyo

Closer in to Tortoise Mountain

Here come JC and Shaque

Friends happy to see each other

A chance encounter with the mighty Thor, a bulldog/terrier mix

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Those dogs are like kids on their regular playdates.

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