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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Provision Day at the Ranch

Becca often sees stuff I don't
We have a few more good days before another cold front blows through our area, cooling things down, bringing a chance of rain and strong winds.  This morning, though, I had to take off my anorak midway through our hike because it felt too warm.  We had to shorten our hike so I could get back, take a shower, and go shopping.  Had to run a few other errands afterward, too.  Now, after lunch and a blog post, I have more stuff to do.  All Becca has to do is lie down and take it easy until she gets her afternoon drive.
For sure she smells stuff I won't

She frequently speeds up the trail ahead of me

Interesting clouds above Tortugas Mountain


Centennial High School


Dr. K said...

I like the cloud formations over the Tortugas.

Caroline said...

How does Becca get along with george?

packrat said...

Caroline: Becca completely ignores George.


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