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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snowy Remnants

Commander waits
We changed things up today and did a lengthy stretch of the Bridal Veil Falls Trail.  Last night the temperature dipped down to 18 Fahrenheit, but it had warmed to the low 30s by the time we started off.  We saw no other hikers on the trek, which made for a pleasant long walk.  We'll probably do a short hike tomorrow morning before heading back to Las Cruces and the lower Chihuahuan Desert.  This trip to the high country was difficult in a number of ways, primarily in dealing with the bad weather conditions.
Becca and Dr. K

Packrat and Becca

Coming down an icy decline

Snowy trail that leads to the bridge over Fresnal Creek

The ice is taking its time melting

Ahead of the pack

Really ahead of the pack

Becca just loves romping in the snow


Dr. K said...

The snow surrounding Fresnal Creek was especially pretty today.

Scott said...

Personally, I'd postpone a walk on that trail--it looks icy and treacherous even if it is beautiful. However, I understand that it's one of the last chances you'll get to hike in the high country on this visit.

We're supposed to get into the 50s on Saturday; Kali and I plan to go to the Jersey shore to try to spot the Snowy Owls that have decided to overwinter at the Fortesque National Wildlife Refuge just north of Atlantic City. If we spot them, they'll be life-listers for us!

packrat said...

I wish you luck on your Snowy Owl quest, Scott. I just read an article in my hometown newspaper (The Youngstown Vindicator) about the Snowy Owls that have been spotted in the area. I've never seen one, and, boy, would I love to have a chance. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Kali.

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