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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snow in the Sacramentos

It started snowing early evening yesterday, and it snowed pretty much through the night.  We awoke to a couple of inches of the white stuff this morning, and I discovered--when I took Becca outside--that there's a layer of crusty ice beneath the blanket of snow.  This will preclude a hike today as driving conditions are almost certainly treacherous, and I have to navigate along windy mountain roads to get to a trailhead.  Becca will be disappointed, but she'll probably get to play with her canine buddies later today.


Dr. K said...

This will be a quiet snow day for us.


A beautiful white Xmas. The mountains look stunning under their blanket of snow.

packrat said...

The way it's been snowing, Jacqui, we'll be lucky to get out of here in a few days.


Scott said...

Because of temperatures in the mid-60s over the weekend and gentle rainfall today, every trace of snow has disappeared from our northern Piedmont landscape. There went a white Christmas! (Bah...humbug...)

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