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Friday, December 6, 2013

Significant Weather Change

Sun breaking through heavy clouds
The first two images here were taken yesterday when I took Becca for her afternoon drive.  Although it got down to 29 F last night--and was a bit cool this morning--the weather changed for the best.  Becca and I had a long, pleasant hike made even better when we ran into JC and Shaque.  When JC and I speculated about the impaled grasshopper pictured below we both assumed the insect had either flown into the thorn or was propelled there by intense wind.  Later I recalled that certain birds (notably the Loggerhead Shrike) are known for impaling insects.
The Organ Mountains from Dripping Springs Road

Beautiful, sunny morn

Grasshopper impaled on an Ocotillo thorn

A slightly different perspective on the impaled grasshopper


Dr. K said...

That impaled grasshopper is a little creepy.

packrat said...

Indeed, Dr. K, but it's a meal for a hungry avian predator.

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