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Sunday, December 15, 2013

On Sierra Norte

Getting started on the Sierra Norte Trail
Except for the early-morning chill the long trek on the Sierra Norte Trail was extremely pleasant.  Dr. K, Becca and I ran into Karen and Dave and their dog, Varmint, not long after starting off.  We haven't bumped into them in a few years so it was nice to catch up.  Varmint and Becca caught up, too.  They didn't chase each other around Creosote Bushes as they had in years past, but they were still pretty charged up to see one another.  Other encounters:  a lone mountain biker, a man and woman hiker, and two joggers who were carrying packs with PVC pipes in them.  Curious.

A lot of people boulder on these rocks

Dropping down toward the lower desert

A large arroyo that runs beside a huge rock outcropping

"Rugged" doesn't really do justice to the Organ Mountains

Dr. K and Becca in a tableland of native grass

Barrel Cactus still bearing fruit

Packrat and Becca

A Sotol (aka Desert Spoon) in front of the Organ Mountains

Long way to come or go

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

The Beckster leading the way back

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Dr. K said...

This trail is interesting because of the vistas of desert and mountains.

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