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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Moon over Tortugas
Where's the dark side?

Looping around the Tortoise
Usually on Easter morning there are people at the ramadas on both sides of the mountain; but when we got to the Monte Vista area there were only three vehicles in the parking lot.  We left our car in the usual spot--about 100 yards away from the ramada--and hiked around Tortugas Mountain, fully expecting a full parking lot upon our return.  We were surprised to find no vehicles in the lot, and no celebrants beneath the ramada.  I believe that's a first for us; i.e. finding no people celebrating the Easter holiday near what many regard as a holy mountain.

The happiest hiker

The Organ Mountains--so-named by the Spaniards after "pipe organs"

Ocotillo blossom

Tortugas's flank and the Organ Mountains

Respite in the meager shade of a yucca


Dr. K said...

A peaceful Sunday for us.

Scott said...

Second image with the enlarged moon is very nice, Packrat. I'm inevitably disappointed when I try to include the moon in one of my images, so good for you.

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