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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Here Comes Some Progress

Desert shadows, from left:  Yucca, dog, photographer on stilts
If you get a chance read this article from this morning's Las Cruces Sun-News:

It's about the 16 acres at the base of Tortugas Mountain, which is up for a rezoning hearing tonight.  I'm not attending because I believe I already know what the outcome will be.  Here are three paragraphs from the article that will confirm my opinion, I think:

"The county is recommending conditional approval, according to the meeting packet. The zoning authority will make the final decision.

The owners, Doña Ana Sand & Gravel, are seeking an EC3 commercial classification with conditions, which would allow hotels, grocery stores, gyms, offices, outpatient clinics, stores and other services on the land, according to the packet.

A few other businesses could be allowed with conditions, including drive-up restaurants, childcare services, banks, pet stores, a pool or gas pumps."

Soaptree Yucca pods
Unless some environmental organization with cash to spare comes forward to purchase the land--or an environmentally-sensitive billionaire buys it (are you reading this George Soros?  Yeah, right)--this property at the base of the mountain will end up with fast-food restaurants and a gas station to service the teenagers who attend Centennial High School across Dripping Springs Road.
Moseying along the Crosscut Trail

A huge mound of Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus



Too awful.

Dr. K said...

Think of how much traffic will increase. It is awful.

packrat said...

Yes it is awful, Jacqui and Dr. K. If they build fast-food restaurants and gas stations there Becca and I will access the mountain from other areas. But what a shame to put that garbage so close to the mountain.

Scott said...

You should have put "progress" in quotes, Packrat.

packrat said...

Indeed, Scott.

packrat said...

Got this message this morning from one of the people who's been actively involved in the protest against zoning the parcel commercial:

"The outcome of the ETZ Commission vote last night on the 15.98 acre parcel below Tortugas "A" Mountain was split 3-3, which means that the request by the County for planned commercial was denied.

Your willingness to take action regarding this issue is much appreciated!

We'll let you know when there's new information to share about what happens next."

That's good news, of course, but I wonder what "new information" will be forthcoming--that the county is having yet another rezoning hearing in the near future?

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