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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Starting Low, Ending High

On a Tortugas Mountain trail
After Becca and I did a quick hike around Tortugas Mountain this morning we returned home, packed, and headed to the high country with Dr. K.  Here in southern New Mexico we're under a high wind warning, and the wind is howling up here now.  We're a little better off being in the mountains because the blowing dust won't be quite as bad as down in the lower desert.  Nevertheless, it's downright unpleasant outside.
Ocotillo flower

Part of the southeast section of Las Cruces
A partially-opened Prickly Pear flower looks like a rose

Velvety Nerisyrenia

Yellow Iris

Purple Iris

Looking up Haynes Canyon

Flowering ground cover


Dr. K said...

Nice to see these spring blooms.

Scott said...

I love the image of the ocotillo flower and the thorny stem. Nice contrast, nice color.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. Ocotillo flowers are among the most beautiful in desert country.

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