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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yucca Tribute

Six-headed Yucca
After saying goodbye to one of their fallen comrades yesterday it seemed only fitting to post some photos of some other majestic specimens of Yucca torreyi.  They are one of the signature species of the Chihuahuan Desert, similar in many ways to the Joshua Tree of the Mojave Desert.  Yuccas are a source of food and shelter for many desert critters, including the Black-tailed Jackrabbit, Desert Cottontail, Woodrats and Packrats.  The flowers, fruit and seeds provide food for birds and insects alike.  And many birds--orioles, cactus wrens and thrashers--often take shelter inside.
Just beyond the lineman school

An arroyo well-populated with plants

Soaptree Yuccas

Three-foot Barrel Cactus

Stand up straight like this
Scott's Oriole

Christmas Cactus

A quarter way across the Crosscut Trail

Curve-billed Thrasher in an Ocotillo

Old Curved Bill flew to a Yucca crown

Becca and I are just slightly in front of this beauty
All of the same clan

Same Yucca from a different perspective

Just getting a start (cameo appearance by shade-seeker)


Scott said...

Great information about the yuccas and some fine images, too. How do the yuccas provide habitat for the desert cottonwoods?

packrat said...

God that made me laugh, Scott. I meant to type "Desert Cottontail," but instead pecked out "Cottonwood."

You're keeping me on my toes, my friend.


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