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Monday, April 14, 2014

Crazy Hike

On the single-track
This morning's hike was pretty weird weatherwise.  It started off chilly and windy, with an overcast sky.  I felt quite cold wearing only an Adidas windbreaker.  (You know what I mean!)  The great thing about the strong wind:  no flies.  Flyte Command had grounded all flytes because of strong cross currents.  Then the wind stopped, the sun came out, and so, too, did the flies.  Ran into Jimmy near the trail up the western face of the mountain, and we stood chatting for a few minutes, complaining about aggressive flies.  
Crazy clouds

Claret Cup Cactus

West of Tortugas

Dirt road through an arroyo area

Remnants of a Soaptree Yucca

In the arroyo

Old Soaptree Yucca seed pods

Soaptree Yucca with multiple heads

What's this?

It's the top of a large Barrel Cactus in the arroyo

Flowers of the Desert Broom

Soaptree Yucca

Looking east up the arroyo toward Tortugas Mountain

Looking west from the same position

Ocotillo in bloom

Brilliant Ocotillo flower

"Beep beep"

Two Roadrunners, one running on a road


Dr. K said...

Great photos of the roadrunners, one of my favorite birds.

Scott said...

Some great images today, Packrat, especially some of the closeups. I especially liked the remnants of the soaptree yuccas; they looked like two tentacled sea creatures engaged in a battle.

packrat said...

Thank you, Dr K and Scott.


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