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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tuckered Out

Budding out
After we'd gone about a mile this morning we came upon a young man and his dog, Bear, who was about a third bigger than Becca, but scared to approach her at first.  Becca had her hackles up, and, apparently, Bear couldn't help but notice.  Bear was a handsome cuss, part Boxer, part Rotweiler, and part something else.  Eventually he worked up his nerve, and he and Becca ran around playing like lunatics for a spell, both panting afterwards as if they'd run a marathon.  Bear is not quite two years old.  Becca is seven.  She's still full of pee and vinegar.
Hi Ho let's go

Skirt chaser

Stop telling me to slow down

Don't make me come back there

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