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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Grooming Roadrunner

I was in my office late this afternoon when I looked out through the patio enclosure and saw this Roadrunner grooming itself in a tree in our backyard, about eight feet off the ground.  It stayed for a few minutes before gracefully flying to the ground to do some serious hunting within the bounds of our fenced property.  Many people are under the assumption that Roadrunners don't fly, but they are, in fact, skillful aviators.


Caroline said...

Great photos! i've never seen a roadrunner in a tree before!

packrat said...

Thanks, Caroline. Now you can say you've seen everything.


Dr. K said...

You've outdone yourself with these photos, Packrat.

Liz Tipping said...

Just catching up on your posts- I had no idea what a road runner looked like- brilliant photos.

packrat said...

Thank you, Liz. I look forward to seeing photos on your blog again.


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