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Monday, April 7, 2014

So Long to a Yucca

An early-morning break
For a week or so I've known that a tall Torrey Yucca we often used as a landmark had fallen.  This morning we spent time trying to find it.  As I surmised, it had obviously been toppled by the strong winds we've been experiencing, snapped off right at the base.  I measured this giant at 16'.  Even though we didn't really need this landmark to navigate our way across the desert floor, I'll miss seeing it standing tall in this arid land of ours.  
At the head of the Crosscut Trail

What the "F"?

Very tall Soaptree Yuccas in an arroyo

A very small (less than 3') "feeder" arroyo

A large arroyo west of the Tortoise

Looking west down the same arroyo

Rainbow Hedgehog and Barrel Cactus

This Barrel still bears a fruit from last year

Becca loves exploring desert arroyos

Tortugas Mountain (left) and the Organ Mountains

Some critters (Packrats, Jackrabbits) definitely relished this Prickly Pear pad

Our long-time landmark

You can see it was still living when toppled


Dr. K said...

I wonder if the living part of that yucca will be able to grow back.

packrat said...

An interesting question, Dr. K. I'll try to keep an eye on it in the future; it'll give me a reason to keep visiting.



From many of the photos you've posted, those Torrey Yuccas look like sentinels of the dessert; they seem to have a spiritual presence. (There must be a story in there somewhere.)

packrat said...

Hi Jacqui! Yes, I think they do have a spiritual presence.


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