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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You Know it's Hot When . . .

Sunlight slips over Tortugas
. . . Becca plops down in the shade after we've hiked only a mile or so.  We'll be close to 90 F (32.2 C) tomorrow.  That's really early for those kind of temperatures.  Yesterday, Phoenix was 94 F; so we're getting the heatwave that's headed east from there.  Horrible day for flies this morning.  I could barely hold still long enough to take the photos of the Claret Cup Cactus flowers because flies were swarming all over me.  A true horror story--much scarier than the remake of Godzilla--would be "Flyzilla."
One of Becca's favorite resting places

Claret Cup Cactus flowers (Organ Mountains in background)

Look at those hypodermic needles!

Seeking shade where she can find it


Dr. K said...

One nice thing about the heat is the more cacti blossoms are popping up.


You need an aussie brimmed hat that has a net attached to it - the flies can't get at your face or neck.

Beautiful flowers!

Scott said...

Wow! First image really pops! We're headed to near 70 here, but don't have any flies--yet. I call June "fly month" here. Unfortunately, lots of our "June" flies are biters.

packrat said...

Thanks, Jaqcui. An "aussie hat." Yes, I just like the sound of that.


packrat said...


You folks over there must be truly grateful for the arrival of spring--biting flies and all.

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