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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day

Just a thread of a trail
Quite cool this morning:  47 degrees Fahrenheit.  A slight breeze made it chilly.  Becca and I did a moderately-long hike before heading back to the Sunset Parking area, where we ran into Jimmy.  He and I shot the breeze awhile as Becca explored various desert scents.  Jimmy and I talked about today's elections, and how it might take a real crisis to wake the American electorate up.  The crisis I imagine is the GOP winning the Senate back, and then taking immediate steps to impeach President Obama.  That ought to get some people pissed off enough to take back our government from the right-wing loonies.
The Organ Mountains are back there somewhere

Damp dirt road

Clouds on the ground (aka "fog")


Dr. K said...

I love that photo of the clouds on the ground--the mountains looks very dynamic.

packrat said...

Thank you, Dr. K, and thanks for those Subway sandwiches yesterday.


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