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Friday, November 28, 2014

Elk Cow Coffee Klatch

Elk butts
Just after dawn, before we left for a hike on the Grand View Trail, we spotted these elk cows on our property.  Unfortunately it was a really low-light situation, and I was shooting through a window--so the pictures are iffy at best.  Nevertheless, there were five cows having a morning snack, and we're always thrilled to see the big critters so close to the house.  Becca, Dr. K and I stood looking at them for quite awhile.  Then we hit the trail for a moderately-long hike before heading to Cloudcroft to dump garbage and buy some supplies.  There's still snow on the ground up there.
Elk cows having pastry with their coffee

Talk about being a target for lusty males (elk, that is)

Four of five cows

On the Grand View


Trekking along

White Sands and the San Andreas Mountains

Along a steep rock outcropping

Packrat and Jennifer Juniper

The bed of the old railroad line is clearly visible here

Getting excited by a visitor

It's Cowboy come to say howdy

One cute canine

Hamming it up

Time to head for home

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It's a good morning when we get to see elk as well as take a hike.

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