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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Becca spots a Jackrabbit
The temperature was 45 F when Becca and I headed out this morning, but with the wind the conditions were right at the edge of coldness.  We were dressed appropriately, though.  We didn't hear or see any Coyotes in the outback, but we did cross paths with several mountain bikers, two of whom wore skeleton shirts in honor of Halloween.  The biggest spooky shock came when we got back to the trailhead and discovered a ghoulish passenger in the front seat of a Jeep Wrangler.  Got a huge kick out of that.
Clouds at the base of the Franklin Mountains, El Paso

Up an arroyo west of the mountain

Desert Marigolds still blooming

Becca and a very tall Ocotillo

Tortugas (aka "Tortoise")

Heading east to the mountain

No, we're not bushwhacking

Oh, all right

Heading through the Ocotillo Forest

Large stand of Ocotillos

Didn't realize what the first two bikers were wearing until I looked at the pic

Odd cloud over the mesa


Ghoulish passenger in a Jeep at the trailhead

Don't want to go off-roading with it


Dr. K said...

That is so funny about the skeleton in the jeep. Happy Dia de los Muertos, everyone!

Scott said...

That'll make someone think twice about stealing the Jeep!

packrat said...

I know I thought twice about it, Scott.:)

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