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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Storming Down the Mountain

Hugging the west slope of Tortugas
When Becca and I started off west of Tortugas this morning there were several large groups of hikers headed to the mountaintop.  At the midpoint of our hike storms began skirting the northern edge of the area.  There were frequent lightning strikes and distant thunder.  Then the storms veered our way.  With the advent of more apparent lightning strikes followed closely by rumbling thunder people began pouring down from the mountain.  That was smart.  You don't want to be 4,928 feet up with storms rolling in--especially when there's a tall communication tower at the very top of the mountain.  Becca and I were fortunate in that we only felt a raindrop or two during our entire trek.
Large group of hikers headed up the mountain

Eastern boundary of Las Cruces, New Mexico

Into the high foothills yet again

Somebody beat us there:  Desert Cottontail

Sky pretty clear to the south

Puffy clouds to the east

Looking pretty dark to the north
We're headed north

Roiling sky

Lightning strike (slightly left of center)

Rain coming down in the northwest

A good storm (with plenty of lightning and thunder)

Rainbow arcing into the blue sky

Hinting at becoming a double rainbow


Which lucky resident gets the pot of gold?

Tortugas Mountain and the Organ Mountains in the distance

Shinto shrine?  No--part of the Lineman School

Light and shadow on the Robledo Mountains

Headed back in


Dr. K said...

A beautiful series of photos. I especially like the ones of the rainbows.

packrat said...

Thanks, Dr. K. :)

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