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Friday, October 9, 2015

Xtra-Long Walkabout

Early start west of Tortugas Mountain
The weather was perfect for a really long hike this morning, and Becca and I took advantage of the conditions, trekking along the sunset side of Tortugas Mountain before striking west into the outback.  Since I'm using terms borrowed from Australian English I'll also say that we "bushwalked" (rather than "bushwhacked") back east through some hilly country before connecting with the outer-loop road again.  We didn't bump into any other hikers until right at the end of our hike when we encountered our friend Gregg and stood chatting with him for a short while.
A couple of hikers making their way toward the observatory

Single-track trail

Into it

About to pass through a deep gully

Coming out of the high foothills

Down into the lower desert

Always on the lookout

A type of Mammillaria (Nipple Cactus)

Cloudy over the Organ Mountains

Break in the clouds

Large arroyo and typical foilage

I took a photo of this guy and his dog recently (they're on a long run)

Ocotillos on a hill west of Tortugas

The Tortoise itself

Heading back in

Clouds swirling over the Organs

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It's nice to see the sun gradually light up the desert in these photos.

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