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Monday, October 12, 2015

Second Spring

Torrey Yucca
Becca and I took a very long hike in the desert this morning, getting a really early start out of the Sunset Area side of the mountain.  Apparently I was in a photo-taking mood as I took 80 images.  We ran into nobody in the outback, but on the way back in we met our buddy, Jimmy, who was descending from the mountaintop.  Back at my car we stood chatting for a while until our mutual friend, Gregg, joined us.  We all gabbed a bit before parting company.  Jimmy was going to see a movie with his wife, Gregg was heading to the top of the mountain, and Becca and I were headed home, where I had some housecleaning to do in advance of relatives who are coming in for the weekend.
In the shadow of the Tortoise

Down to the lower desert

Critter watchdog

What's that up there?

The way we came down the mountain

Through the high foothills

The very best hiking companion

Hedgehog Cactus

On the horizon:  Bishop Cap

Loggerhead Shrike

The vast northern Chihuahuan Desert

Soaptree Yuccas in an arroyo west of Tortugas Mountain

Heading into the arroyo

Far into the arroyo

This Ocotillo is easily well over 20 feet tall

Across the desert to Tortugas and the Organs

Way ahead of the pack

Torrey Yucca under a cloud-stippled sky

Mid-October and everything is leafed out again

As green as it gets in the lower Chihuahuan Desert


Dr. K said...

The "torrey yucca under a cloud stippled sky" is an especially beautiful photo.

packrat said...

Thanks, Dr. K. Put it on Facebook. :)

Scott said...

Packrat: I guess this means your were going to do a "second spring" cleaning, huh? (Forgive me...)

packrat said...

Exactly what I've been doing, Scott. Relatives visiting this weekend.

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