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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coyote Cacophony

Sotol stalks (8' to 10' high) on Tortugas's north face
When Dr. K, Becca and I were behind Tortugas Mountain and far to the west of it this morning we heard Coyotes wailing, whining, yelping, snarling and yipping.  It was an incredible racket.  Since the critters were in a small valley perhaps 300 yards away we couldn't see what was happening, but I did catch a glimpse of two of the canids running back toward the mountain.  My guess is that it was either a territorial dispute or a fight over a killed prey, but I have no way of knowing for certain.  It was, however, the kind of wild ruckus that makes you feel simultaneously closer to the natural world and more leery of it.
These yellow beauties are blooming all over the mountain

Becca looks east while heading west

I couldn't positively ID this daisy(?)

They're blooming everywhere

Pointing toward El Paso


Far west of the mountain now

The area where we heard the Coyote ruckus

Starting back


Dr. K said...

Those yipping and snarling coyote noises were startling and eerie at the same time.

Scott said...

The images with the deep blue sky and the yellow daisies are just great, Packrat. How can you go wrong with that combination, huh? I think I've told you before that our coyotes seem to have disappeared, probably as a result of mange. The red fox population has shot up, and I've seen a few feral cats--neither of which were around when the coyote population was at its zenith.

packrat said...

Thanks, Scott. Absence of coyotes means increase in rodent numbers, too.

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