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Friday, November 27, 2015

Dynamic Morning on the Grand View

Let's get rolling
Because of yesterday's nearly all-day storm (from which we got almost 1.5 inches of rain) the morning weather conditions were really dynamic.  Never in all the years we've been hiking the Grand View Trail have we been immersed in low clouds blowing through the high country on strong winds.  We were treated to some breath-taking sights, though.  Then later, heading down the mountain for home, we were enveloped in fog that made driving conditions rather hazardous.  In the quarter of a century we've been frequenting the Sacramentos we have not had to deal with this meteorological phenomenon.
Clouds hugging the high country

Surprised to see a lizard in late November

Rails-to-Trails ramada in the clouds (aka "fog")

Becca beats us to the shelter

Blue sky showing through

The trail ahead

Becca looking for wild mustangs

Clouds come and go

Something of a Zen aesthetic

The Tularosa Basin is down there somewhere

Low clouds in the valley

Clouds obscure White Sands

Clouds mimic a forest fire

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Those rolling clouds made for a very Zen-like hike, and a lot of striking views.

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