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Monday, November 16, 2015

Hace Mucho Viento!

Starting out just north of Tellbrook Road
That's Spanish for "There's a lot of wind!"  We're under a wind advisory until 8 pm, and believe me it is incredibly windy right now.  It was during my later-morning hike with Becca, too.  Dr. K took Becca out for her first hike this morning; then, after I returned from getting my permanent $1 million three-tooth bridge installed at the dentist's office, I took her out for another jaunt--this one in the Tellbrook Arroyo to the south of Tortugas Mountain.  It was enjoyable except for the wind gusts which were creating a lot of blowing sand and dust.  We were out for about an hour altogether, during which time I did my best to capture some images despite the wind buffeting my photographic grip on the camera.
Take my word for it:  the wind was awful

This way across the desert floor

Tortugas Mountain and the Organs from the far southwest

Crossing a hilly Chihuahuan Desert

Heading down to a major arroyo

One of many tributaries in the Tellbrook Arroyo

Further up the arroyo

One more pic before we turn around

Heading back to the car


Dr. K said...

Becca had a great Monday--two hikes!

packrat said...

I hope that's not the new normal for Becca, Dr. K. :)

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