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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nippy Wind

Trail to the high foothills
It was below freezing this morning when Becca and I headed out for our trek around Tortugas Mountain, and the constant wind made it feel even colder.  Hood (on heavy jacket) over my head, gloves on, I hiked for at least half the distance without warming up very much.  Even later, when Becca and I trekked back to the trailhead with J.C. and Olivia, I kept my gloves on because the wind had quite a nip to it.  We were lucky the sun was shining brightly in a blue desert sky.
The high foothills

Down from the mountain

40 miles south:  Franklin Mountains near El Paso, Texas

25 miles southwest:  Potrillo Mountains

Crossing the Cross-Cut Trail

Top-heavy Yucca

Land of the living-dead Yuccas


Dr. K said...

A cold day but with beautiful vistas.

Scott said...

Nice clear skies and great long-distance views. I don't recall seeing the Franklin Mountains so clearly in your posts before.

Body temperature and thermoregulation are so weird and individualized. I am comfortable over a much wider range than Kali; I can tolerate cooler weather and warmer weather than she can. She gets cold at a much higher temperature than I, and she gets hot at a much lower temperature than I. But, if we're walking when it's cold outside, Kali will heat up quickly and start shedding clothes much earlier than I will. We often go for a walk when its cold, and she'll be complaining about how cold she is at first, but before long, off come the gloves, then the scarf, and finally the coat opens up and she's still warm. Meanwhile, I'm still chilly with my gloves firmly in place. (Your comment about wearing your gloves inspired this diatribe.)

packrat said...


It's funny how different individuals respond to heat and cold. Without fail Dr. K is always colder than me, and does not do well in cold weather. However, she tolerates the heat far better than I do, especially when it's humid, too.

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