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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Discomfort Level

How things looked starting off
An influx of moisture has pushed the humidity high enough to create some discomfort during an early morning trek west of Tortugas Mountain.  Becca didn't seem all that bothered by it, but I definitely noticed the difference.  According to Doppler Dave Spielman--meteorologist at KVIA, Channel 7 in El Paso--our chances of precipitation are fairly high for later in the day.  We certainly can use the rain here in the lower desert.  I wish our temperatures were more fall-like, though; it is, after all, October.
Looking west

Say's Phoebe

Same Say's Phoebe

Doing what she loves to do

Young whippersnapper with leaves

Something's rolling in

Nearly the same perspective

West of Tortugas

You can see a bit more of the Organ Mountains from here

Closer look at the Organs

Some sky, eh?

Closing in on the clouds

Sky over Tortugas

The way we just came

Stingleaf flowers still in bloom

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It's nice that some plants are still blooming this late in the season.

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