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Monday, October 2, 2017

Low-Desert Routine

Who's that hiding in the Yucca?  Why it's Old Curved Bill
Becca and I were back into our low-desert routine this morning as we hiked west of Tortugas Mountain.  Although there were a few cars in the Sunset Area parking lot we ran into nobody during our trek.  One thing we did see that was disturbing was a cottontail (not the one pictured here) who was dragging its back legs.  I wondered if it had been attacked by a coyote or fox or if it had been bitten by a rattler.  It made me feel pretty sad to imagine the rabbit fending for itself like that, but I ruled out trying to rescue it.  The last time I rescued a cottontail I had a difficult search for a wildlife rescue facility to take it in.
The way we just came

Potrillo Mountains

Hiking in the mountain's shadow

Breaking into sunlight

A small Desert Cottontail

Looking left and right

Pencil Cholla fruit

On the dirt road around the mountain

The way to Tortugas

Green being drained from the Chihuahuan Desert

Break in the shadow of an Ocotillo

I'm thinking large dog, but it gave me pause for thought

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Dr. K said...

I like all of the different photos of Becca as she surveys the desert landscape.

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