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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Daypack Woes

I told this Desert Cottontail it had a ridiculously white tail
My REI Stoke daypack has plum worn out, so I rummaged around for a suitable replacement among the numerous old packs I have in the garage.  I found an L.L. Bean rucksack-type pack I'd not used much and gave it a trial run.  Not satisfactory, and I cut my right arm on a sharp edge of the sternum strap buckle while putting it back on after stopping to give Becca a drink of water.  Back home after our trek I found, in my office closet, another lightweight L.L. Bean daypack to use temporarily until I buy a new one.  I'm very particular about packs because I wear one every day of the week.
Surveying the territory ahead

Hiking down the mountain road


Seed pods and Ocotillos

Soaptree Yucca seed pods

On the road to Tortugas

West of the mountain

Buggy whips

Wary eye

He's watching Becca and me

I crept forward cautiously in order to get a better shot

Mr. Black-tailed Jackrabbit took flight right after I snapped this image

Encountered a Greater Roadrunner hunting for breakfast

He was curious about Becca and me

Tansyleaf Aster reproductive puffball

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

Great close-up photos of the jackrabbit and roadrunner. It's so interesting to get to see their markings in such detail.

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