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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Deep Cleaning

A look up the arroyo beside our house at Tortugas and the Organ Mountains
Neither Becca nor I did a trek this morning; she's still resting her leg and I had to go to the dental hygienist for a "deep cleaning," a procedure I hadn't had done since 2002.  The hygienist gave me several shots of Novocaine before using a Roto-Rooter tool on me--at least that's the way my teeth and gums feel right now.  I'll get back on the trail tomorrow morning, and I'll make a determination about whether or not Becca can accompany me.
A neighbor a block away has an observatory


Becca inside the patio enclosure

Jigsaw with a missing piece Dr. K just finished

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Dr. K said...

It's nice that our lavender plant is still blooming--it's turned out to be very hardy.

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