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Monday, October 16, 2017

Cool Day 2

Looking across the Mesilla Valley to the Potrillo Mountains
44F when Becca and I headed out this morning; fortunately there wasn't much of a breeze.  I hiked in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt, but wore a Nike warm-up jacket I never removed during the entire trek.  We only encountered one other hiker while we were out there today, a guy we see fairly often during our adventures; he was just starting off as we were heading in.  I did see a Red-tailed Hawk chasing a rabbit, and I saw a small canid at a distance that might have been a fox.  No photo of either.  But I did hear Sandhill Cranes overhead and was able to shoot a couple of images of them.  I'm almost positive they were heading for Bosque del Apache.
Becca was anxious to get started this morning

Along the trail to the upper foothills

About to dip through a deep gully

South toward El Paso

Lower foothills west of Tortugas Mountain

Soaptree Yucca and the mountain

Torrey Yucca along the road west of the mountain

Organ Mountains of New Mexico (left), Franklin Mountains of Texas (right)

During monsoon season this grass was incredibly green

Far west of the mountains

Sandhill Cranes, probably headed for Bosque del Apache

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

The sandhill cranes can make a lot of noise as they fly overhead. I'm sure you're right that they were heading to Bosque del Apache in northern New Mexico.

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