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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Along the Single-Track

Just getting started on the Sierra Vista Trail (Norte)
When Dr. K, Becca and I pulled into the parking lot at the Sierra Vista Trail Norte in Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument this morning we found a small crowd of people milling around several vehicles.  We could tell by their apparel and hard hats that they were there to do trail work.  And, indeed, we found small orange flags planted all along the first section of the trail.  In order to avoid having to deal with them on our return we took a section of a single-track trail we'd never hiked before and followed it eastward for miles until it intersected a dirt road we'd trekked on in the past.  We then followed that road back to the parking lot.  On our return we saw a group of trail workers on the trail near the arroyo, but because we were on the road we avoided crossing paths with them.  Our trek lasted just over two hours this morning, and it was a good one.
Mountains still in shadow

In a sunny arroyo

Sun highlighting rugged peaks

Barrel Cactus and Banana Yuccas

Barrel Cacti in a high grassland

Single Ocotillo

Approaching the mountains on a single-track trail

We kicked up a young Mule Deer buck along the way

A section of grassland where deer have bedded down (center)

Send in the clones

We had never hiked this trail before this morning

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

Closing in on the majestic mountains

Road we followed away from the mountains

The Organs are part of the Rockies

See the road (center) we've been following?

Ocotillos are still green here

Closer look

Sparser Ocotillo population

Any shade will do

The desert is still remarkably green in places

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Dr. K said...

It was a treat to explore new territory today, especially because we got closer to the mountains than usual.

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