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Friday, October 27, 2017

Up, Up and Away

Hiking alongside the old single-track
The Beckster and I did a quick hike in the lower desert before returning home to finish packing for a trip to the high country.  We got up here by 12:30, unpacked, ate lunch and did a few chores before I settled down to do this blog.  When Dr. K and I were loading and unloading the Jeep it seemed like we had enough stuff for several weeks here in High Rolls.  Unfortunately we can only stay through Monday.  We'll get a nice taste of the mountain climate, though; it's supposed to drop below freezing tonight.
Back on the old single-track

New Soaptree Yucca growth out of a passel of dead ones

Heading back toward Tortugas

Waiting for the slow-poke photographer

Nearing the intersection with the trail that leads to the upper foothills

A forest of Ocotillo losing leaves

Up in the high country

A look up Haynes Canyon

A closer look at Haynes Canyon

Dr. K coming up the drive to join us

Our place in the Sacramentos

The Becca two-step

Partially swirled clouds

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It'll be a nice change to get a real touch of cold weather while we're up here.

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