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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Sunny Saturday

After an overcast day yesterday, with a brief sighting of the sun only once in the late afternoon, it was nice to experience a sunny morning as Becca and I began our hike out of the Monte Vista section of Tortugas Mountain.  The same RV we saw last week was stationed in the parking lot and its owner was walking his dog up the entrance road when Becca and I got there.  This guy must have received special permission to stay there since camping near the ramada is not allowed.

We ran into no one during our trek, not even spying any other outdoor enthusiasts while we were trekking south of the mountain.  After a decent hike along the high foothills and then down into the lower desert Becca and I returned to the Monte Vista area.  The only evidence of other people was the presence of a black pickup truck near the RV.  The Sunset Area parking lot, however, was packed when we drove past it on our way home.
Becca looking up the mountain

Looking south from the foothills of Tortugas Mountain

Franklin Mountains near El Paso (left) and the Sierra de Juarez (Mexico)

Southeast side of Tortugas Mountain

The trail we're about to hike

This and the next 4:  Torrey Yuccas

Becca heading into the lower desert

Organ Mountains

Meh squared

New Prickly Pear pad

Prickly Pear ice cream cones

A rock substrate

Apache Plume flower

Not sure how this image got down here

1 comment:

Dr. K said...

It's nice to see that even on this side of the mountain, which is more barren than the other side, the Torrey Yuccas are fully blooming.

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